“I definitely recommend Empowering Learning to anyone in search of their next career move, they won’t let you down.”

In a time where recruitment is incredibly challenging, my consultant, Dan, makes it his mission to ensure that schools in need have access to great quality candidates. He is very perceptive and has an acute understanding of the needs and requirements of his clients, matching them quickly with consistently high quality, morally grounded and child focused candidates. The communication, reliability and follow up is outstanding. He takes the stress out of teacher recruitment. I would highly recommend them to any school, academy or organisation with recruitment requirements.

– Sophie

“I have been incredibly impressed by the service provided by Empowering Learning. From the first phone call, I was made to feel valued and worth investing in. It was as simple as sending my CV to my designated consultant who then endeavoured to secure me a permanent position in the year group I was looking for, and in less than a month! I am very grateful  for the time spent phoning schools and identifying positions that had not yet been advertised.

This gave me the advantage when I was invited to interview and as a result, I secured a job quickly and part way through the year in a school I am excited to be becoming a part of! I have also had continued support  at every point of the process, helping with interview preparation, asking for updates and making the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. I feel grateful for finding Empowering Learning and I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

– Rachael

“Having worked in the Independent sector for the past 6 years, I knew that the next step in my career had to be based in another reputable Prep school. After meeting Duncan from Empowering Learning, I was certain my career progression was in good hands. The initial interview felt more like a casual conversation, and left me confident that as an agency, Empowering Learning would endeavour not just place me in any school, but to find one that best fit my skill set, experience and personality.

Within a week of my initial interview with Duncan, I was offered the role as the new Head of English in a Prep school in Surrey and since starting, I’ve truly enjoyed every minute of it. Empowering Learning remained true to their words, they listened to what I was looking for in a potential role as well as my future career goals and then matched me to the perfect school. I definitely recommend Empowering Learning to anyone in search of their next career move, they won’t let you down.”

– Fiona

“I was impressed by Duncan Eaglesham’s swift response to my enquiry and the thorough manner in which he took care to ensure a good match with the position for which I was applying. After a 40 minute phone interview, he arranged a face to face interview at the school within a few days, followed by a lesson observation shortly afterwards. For me, the time from initial contact to securing an ideal post was 9 school days; Duncan kept in touch by email and phone throughout this process and checked that all was well after I had started teaching at the school.

I would have no reservation about recommending his services and using them again in the future.”

– Clifford

“Claudia is a friendly person to work with. As a recruiter she maintained a highly professional demeanour and was able to find me the perfect job instantly! She did this by offering me to work as a volunteer in a primary school for a week and then she managed to get me a 1 week payed TA role in that school in that same exact school.

Claudia was quick to understand the kind of role i was looking for, recognising my strengths and putting me forward for exactly the right job. She had put me through to work with a local school for long term. She was always there to help throughout the process. I appreciate her quick response, efficiency and prompt follow-up to my requests.”

– Gunes

“About to embark on my second year of teaching here in the UK, I feel I owe a huge thank you to Lynne and her team at Empowering Learning. After several failed attempts to return to the UK, too comfortable in the UAE, I finally decided to take the plunge mid school year. She went above and beyond to try to obtain a post that would suit me. The majority of candidates Lynne had dealt with coming from Abu Dhabi/Dubai were London bound where she has a great rapport with several schools.

Lynne and her team (special mention to Dan who showed endless patience with my constant emailing) worked to get me into a school as soon as they could (I was in a school in March, having returned to the UK in February). Lynne went to meet with the school for me and set up an informal interview with them and that was it, I started the week after.”

– Elaine

“It is with immense pleasure that I write this testimonial on Duncan Eaglesham. Duncan facilitated my entry into the UK independent sector with great care. He has enabled me, coached me and given me the confidence to carve out a niche in a competitive environment. His high regard for professionalism ensured that I was completely at ease during the preliminary interviewing process and thereafter. He was concise in stating the qualities for which he was looking, early on in our communication.

Duncan provided precise information, which he delivered in a manner that was easy to absorb.Duncan’s direct feedback was invaluable in helping me to improve my interviewing skills. He was supportive both before and after the interview process with the school, and I am highly appreciative of this. He also demonstrated that he has a seemingly bottomless reservoir of patience, especially with regards to securing the necessary documents. Duncan’s presence extended beyond me securing a teaching position in a wonderful school. He remains in contact as he is genuinely invested in his teachers’ satisfaction in their posts.”

– Lena