What is a Talent Recruitment Event?

It’s an opportunity to meet with a multitude of headteachers who are recruiting for September vacancies exclusively via Empowering Learning. You will meet with an array of schools and trusts that have chosen

Empowering Learning to shortlist and headhunt for these exciting opportunities. All of the interviews will be held in individual areas where you will be able to spend time with the recruiting school. You will have the chance to shortlist any schools of interest and, if both parties are in agreement, unconditional offers can be made on the day.

Note: conditional offers can be made and will be subject to references, further interviews and/or lesson observation.

Why should I attend?

  • An efficient way to meet with multiple school leaders, in one day, who are offering positions
  • The potential to be made and accept an offer on the same day
  • Only interview for vacancies within your specialism and qualifying criteria, enabling you to compare and establish the right school before accepting
  • A chance for you to discuss your career history and learn more about the school’s ethos
  • No long application forms to fill out.

Who can attend?

Primary teachers

Secondary teachers (all subject specialists)

When is the next event?

To find out when we are holding the next Talent Recruitment Event, please fill in the form below.

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