Overseas settings have a growing need for effective recruitment solutions and our domestic reputation for excellence, combined with our comprehensive experience of worldwide education, places us in an ideal situation to help.

With a bespoke approach, Empowering Learning’s dedicated team works alongside governors and senior leaders of all kinds to help with the appointment of heads, principals and other senior leaders.

Working Overseas

If you are considering a teaching opportunity outside of the UK then our experienced and knowledgeable consultants are ready to help. We will meet with you to find out about your skills and what type of role you’re looking for, and help you find and prepare for suitable vacancies. Our support and expert advice will help you complete your journey into overseas schools.

Working in the UK

UK schools consistently need high quality educators. Our Teachers’ Standards Programme offers a fast, supported route into UK classrooms and is one of the most cost-effective courses of its kind. We make sure that education experts from key backgrounds provide your training while you gain crucial experience in UK classrooms as an intern.

  • If you’re a teacher from the EU, US, Canada, Australia or New Zealand you automatically have qualified teacher status (QTS) within the UK so our Programme is designed to help you acclimatise to the UK’s important differences.
  • If you’re a teacher from elsewhere you must supply proof of your professional status through UK NARIC—the agency responsible for comparing worldwide qualifications. Our Programme will then provide everything you need to work in the UK’s education system.


Qualified teachers from the European Union, the United States, Canada, Australia or New Zealand automatically have qualified teacher status (QTS) within the UK. Our Teacher Standards programme will support you acclimatising to teaching in the UK by outlining key expectations in the classroom.


Teachers from the rest of the world must provide proof of professional skills through UK NARIC – the agency responsible for comparing worldwide qualifications. Before enrolling in our programme teachers must have a letter from UK NARIC, confirming their qualifications and stating that they are approved to work as teachers in their country of origin.

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