Founded in 2003

Founded in 2003, Empowering Learning is a well established teacher training and recruitment consultancy based in London.



Our dedicated, professional teams proudly place our candidates and clients at the heart of our bespoke approach and ensure that we provide excellent recruitment solutions to clients and candidates – no matter where they are in the country.



One of our key advantages is our bank of skilled EAL (English as an additional language) teachers, and our flagship training package, the Teachers’ Standards Programme, which supports teachers with overseas training on their journey into UK classrooms.

Our Values

We know just how satisfying it is to find the right employee for your school or how great it is to land a job that moves your career forward, and that’s why we put you at the heart of Empowering Learning. Our passion for serving the people that make up the education sector is well known and every match we make gives us a huge amount of pride so we devote ourselves to making our services as successful and accessible as possible.

This dedication means we are happy to go the extra mile—whether that’s volunteering in SEND schools or providing free and impartial advice to those who need it. We also take pleasure in helping much-needed overseas teachers become part of the UK education system and our stream-lined, efficient practices mean we keep our costs down while we do it.