The Empowering Learning Rebate Scheme is created with you the customer in mind offering financial benefits and rewards in addition to our ongoing commitment. Whilst working in partnership ensures you have a continuity of service it also ensures you receive greater financial returns the greater your supply and staffing spend.

So how does the Client Rebate Scheme work?

It’s simple as the more you book the higher the rebate you’ll receive! You will earn incremental banded rebates based on your levels of spend as follows;

Banding %

(Band 1) – £20,000 to £39,999 – 2%

(Band 2) – £40,000 to £79,999 – 3%

(Band 3) – £80,000+ – 4%


If you utilise £83,000 of supply spend the rebate applicable would be as follows;

£20,000 to £39,999 —- Band 1 —- £399
£40,000 to £79,999 —- Band 2 —- £1,200
£80,000 to £83,000 —- Band 3 —- £120

Total —- All Bands £1,719

Should you decide to utilise your rebate on staff supply then we will add a further 10% to your rebate as a thank you! Alternatively, we can provide you with a cheque to use and benefit your school, from books to school kit, the choice is yours.

*The rebate will mature in April 2019 and you will receive termly statements stating your supply spend to date with Empowering Learning and the rebate accrued to date.

Other services we offer:

Temporary to Permanent Recruitment

In addition, to offering you the opportunity to benefit through the rebate scheme, we will offer you the opportunity to take on any candidate permanently at a reduced permanent fee 20%, less any fees charged to date in relation to the placed candidate.

You’ll have a dedicated account team who’ll support you every step of the way…

Recruitment Consultant
With responsibility for the day to day running of your account, bookings, resolutions, visits and candidate support.

Regional Director
With responsibility for service overview our Regional Director is on hand to provide technical support, handle any unexpected complaints and provide resourcing and technical advice.

Vetting and safeguarding

We provide a comprehensive and extensive 14-point vetting process of all our candidates who are pre checked and referenced. We only provide those candidates that suit your school and meet the extensive checks expected.

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