Training Schedule

Our Teachers’ Standards Programme for overseas trained teachers is deliberately designed to fit around any current employment – to make it as affordable and inclusive as possible.

We run it twice a year, on Thursday evenings from 5.30 to 7.30pm, starting in either January or September. It includes:

  • 14 weekly sessions on teaching standards
  • A six week internship co-teaching in one of our partner schools
  • A UK reference
  • Interview support
  • Introduction to schools we have worked with long term – with a view to paid employment
  • Ongoing career guidance at regular intervals

Here is an overview of the weekly sessions on teaching standards:

  • Week 1: ‘Induction’ – led by Lynne Hannigan
  • Week 2: ‘Teaching your First Mainsteam Class in the UK’ – Sam Wild of Homers Green Senior School
  • Week 3: ‘Safeguarding and Child Protection (1)’ – Mark Austin of Monteagle Primary School
  • Week 4: ‘Safeguarding and Child Protection (2)’ – Mark Austin
  • Week 5: ‘Portfolio Preparation’ – Sue Lee of the Institute of Education
  • Week 6: ‘Knowledge and Understanding of the UK Curriculum’ –  Sue Lee
  • Week 7: ‘Assessment and Record Keeping’ – TBC
  • Week 8: ‘Differentiation’ – Ray Sims of Portway Primary School
  • Week 9: ‘Lesson Planning’ – Mark Austin
  • Week 10: ‘Behaviour Management’ – Martin Cresswell, Behaviour consultant for Camden Local Authority
  • Week 11: ‘Ethnic Minority Achievement’ – Agnieszka Laskus of Bethnal Green Academy
  • Week 12: ‘Education, The Law and you’  – Anne Mallach of National Union of Teachers
  • Week 13: ‘Using ICT to support Pupil Learning’ – Sharlene Naidoo of St. Monica’s Primary School
  • Week 14: ‘Portfolio Evaluation’ – Sue Lee