Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for a place on the AOR programme?

If you are an experienced teacher with a degree and you already meet all of the Teachers’ Standards 2012 without the need for any further training, you can apply for a place on the AOR to QTS  (DFE website)

Not  if you have previously failed a QTS assessment or withdrawn from a QTS programme (unless exceptional circumstances)

How long does it take from AOR application to examination?

Generally application to registration takes between 1-2 terms but this depends on the extent to which you already meet the AOR registration requirements (see Section B). Examination occurs within 6 – 12 weeks of registration.

 Will I need to take a course of training?

No, the AOR does not provide a training element. However, Empowering Learning provide a programme of induction and support (Section C / Stage 2)

Can I be examined if I’m not employed by a school / by a maintained school?

Yes, candidates can be examined regardless of employment status.  You can be examined whilst working in an unpaid placement or during supply cover.

Will there be any there any government funding available to support me?

No, there is no funding available to candidates. This means that candidates will be responsible for paying their own examination costs (Section C / Stage 3).

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