Lynne Hannigan

Lynne Hannigan - Director


Our founder, Lynne Hannigan, is a highly experienced and respected educationalist who has particular expertise in understanding the educational and professional needs of students and teachers from across the globe.

Prior to setting up Empowering learning, she ran an outstanding English as an Additional Language service in east London. This entailed managing a team of over 30 specialist teachers teaching English in primary and secondary schools to children for whom it was not their first, or sometimes even second, language. She also trained all mainstream teachers on how to teach these bilingual and multilingual children.

She worked extensively with ethnic community groups and her team received a European award for delivering GCSE courses in Urdu, Panjabi, Gujurati, Hindi, Arabic, Turkish, Italian (Somali and Albanian), French (Congolese) Russian, Portuguese and Spanish for newly arrived students in schools across the area.

Her language service was so exceptional that she was one of only five EAL heads asked to contribute to a national publication on language across the entire curriculum.

During this period, she also obtained funding for and established a community translation and interpreting service. Moreover, she set up a multi-language community care consultation for the local NHS trust.

Lynne kept up her teaching practice and taught English to children and adults from nearly every continent. She is also an author. She wrote a series of books introducing festivals from other cultures to primary-aged children in this country for publisher A&C Black in the late 1980s. They included: Wedding, Harvest Festival and Sam’s Passover.

Lynne holds a Master of Science in Education Management from the University of East Anglia; a Diploma in Higher Education for a Multicultural Society from  Roehampton Institute of Higher Education, London; and a Certificate in Education from Sheffield Hallam University.

Lynne says: “It’s unfortunate that our system can make it difficult for those from other cultures and with different linguistic backgrounds to get on. So there is nothing that gives me greater personal pleasure than unleashing and developing the potential in anyone who has not been given a fair chance. Time and time again I’ve watched people who’ve been thwarted by circumstance fly free and excel. It gives me such a buzz!”