About Us

Founded in 2003 by leading educationalist Lynne Hannigan, Empowering Learning is a unique teacher training and recruitment consultancy.

Our flagship training offering is our Teachers’ Standards Programme for overseas trained teachers living in the UK. Click here to register for our training programme. http://www.empowering-learning.com/register/

In addition to our training, we offer an exceptional, bespoke recruitment service. We find schools carefully-targeted, highly qualified staff – from daily supply teachers right through to permanent headships.We take our teachers on a journey,allowing the applicant to work their way through the process with confidence.

We are also a good source of specialist EAL (English as an Additional Language) or EMA (Ethnic Minority Achievement) teachers, due to Lynne’s background as a head of an outstanding London EAL service for over two decades.

We are available to contact 24/7 on  020 7739 1144.